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Group Immersions

I have been sharing ritual arts in group for more than 15 years. I activate women´s and mixed circles and many other courses, retreats, and ritual performances in Spain, where I live, but also in many other countries. Some of my offering are online.

The sacred arts that for the ingredients of our alchemical circles are varied and aim at reminding us, manifesting and applying our harmonious and fearless nature, our shadow integration, our balanced human and divine expression in community, and our connexion with the cosmos.

Here are the arts we embody: 


It is a way of rehearsing for the initiation called “life”. I´ve been using theatre as a channel of expression since 1994. This art was born in my country, Greece, as a sacred act, with the actors being priests. I apply it in an archetypical way, in order to give life to differents facets of our soul, some of them latent. Through exercises and ritual theatre games, we highlight our human and divine nature and put it at the service of the community.

I am the creatress of the a Spiritual Theatre proposal, which I have been developing since 2006. It combines the arts mentioned on this page, and its objective is the organic creation of group dynamics that opt for the liberation of outdated mental and emotional individual and collective patterns, and the direct experience of the so called Oneness with our micro and macrocosm.  

I also share my experience of expressive~ritual movement, extracted from my theatre studies. With the participants who are interested in taking practices further, we create ritual performances. 


These ancient practices include physical exercise, mind training and consious breathing. They help us establish a deep relationship with our body, energy, mind and emotions and release blockages. By learning to navigate through all these facets of our system, we are open and fully present to the flow of life. 



There´s a mediterranean lineage of shamanism, that dates at least 3.500 years B.C. and is deeply connected to sound and vibration. The priestesses that represented it were called the Bees (Melissae in Greek and Deborahs in Hebrew) and it´s also the lineage of my birthland, Crete.

Singing, moving rhythmically and playing an instrument was part of their practices. In our gatherings we use the framedrum, as a ritual instrument, following an organic and simple way of learning it, connected with the 5 elements.

The lineage of the Bee Priestesses in relation to the framedrum, was made known in a broad spectrum during the 80´s by the percusionnist and priestess Layne Redmond. 


The ingredients of my vocal sound experience are the chanting of mantras (sacred chants) from different mystical traditions, the harmonic chanting and the Songaia Sound Medicine founded by Ani Williams, based on the ancient hermetic sound science.

My experience with sound yoga has connected me with soundscapes that lead to originality and genuine connexion with everything that makes up our world, both internally and externally.

And finally, the song of the soul, which is venturing to launch improvised sounds after some psycho~physical preparation. It is magical, especially in a group, where each participant expresses their unique Soul Song…