Sacred Sound

“We vibrate to that primordial rhythm even before we have ears to hear…We vibrate to the rhythms of our mother´s blood before she herself is born.And this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother.”

Layne Redmond

Two of my greatest inspirations and part of how I vibrate, is the sacred chant and the framedrums. Both of them have been ancestral practices for changing and refining the brain´s waves in order to attain higher states of consciousness as well as tuning into the community and thus having access to and channeling the group energy for community healing and deep communication that can reach the interconnexion with everything in the Universe; access to that state of Oneness.

My experience with Naad Yoga (=sound yoga) chanting as part of Kundalini Yoga has connected me with sacred soundscapes that lead to the originality of the Self.The bliss caused to me and the deep internal and external connexion have motivated me to keep up with the sound journey, honour and feel honoured by the use of mantras (sacred sounds in sanskrit or gurmukhi).

Later on,I bumped into an integral part of my roots related to my mother land, Crete and the Minoan civilization;the ways of the ancient cretan Bee Priestesses who used sacred drumming and singing to achieve deep connexion with the cosmos and restore pieces of the collective soul.It was the initiative of Layne Redmond to unfold those traditions again after thousands of years,that has reached me through her student Miranda Rondeau.

My relation with drumming and singing is a lifelong love that surprises me every single moment and has become for me a powerful code to share and be shared through.

Chanting the chakras-Layne Redmond


Another practice related to sound that has reached me through its creatress, Ani Williams, is Sognaia Sound Medicine. Songaia (Earth
Song) is a system of sound therapy based upon ancient Hermetic knowledge and the mirroring of heavenly music on earth. By mapping the planetary frequencies and the voice tone patterns of an individual, we find a natural blueprint for healing. When one listens to and tones the indicated frequencies on the Songaia Sound CDs, the entire system returns to a natural state ofharmony. Body, mind and spirit are in tune!

“The voice is the barometer of the soul.”
~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Each of us is a living symphony of frequencies with some of our notes singing in harmony, and some singing ‘off key’. Because of stress, trauma, and negative mental and emotional patterns, the instruments of our symphony need tuning up. Some notes in our body-mind symphony have become so stressed that they are missing, which makes it more difficult for our orchestra, or whole energy system to play.

“Voice is the key to find locked emotion in the body; to release, we must use
the same note that locked it, the point of emotional trauma.”
~ Sound researcher and author Fabion Maman

Missing voice tones can be identified by listening to the notes in our speaking voice with a digital tuner. These frequency patterns are also mirrored in the individual’s planetary tone frequencies. By knowing the frequency of something,we can alter or change it, and when the missing frequencies are played back,we can return to wholeness, health and harmony.

‘The body is held together by sound. The presence of stress and disease
indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.’
~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

Listening to the ‘out of tune’ and missing tones of our living symphony, and especially audibly sounding these tones (called toning), has been found to have the following effects:
– Assists in releasing limiting belief systems, stress and general dis-ease
– Synchronizes mind-heart-body rhythms and a sense of being centered and balanced
– Expands creativity, vision, and clarity, opening a gateway for soul freedom
– Alters brain state, inducing alpha-theta states associated with healing
Songaia Sound Creates Coherent Brain Waves

Brain wave research conducted with Ani and Juan Acosta, PhD. at the
University of Washington during a six month period in 1997 demonstrated that listening to Songaia Sound CDs immediately altered brain states. Within three minutes of listening to the Songaia music, the brain exhibited strong Alpha and Theta brain state coherence, which is known to enhance the immune function of the body, reduce stress and support wellness.

If you wish to receive a voice analysis, please contact me through the CONTACT page. 


This is an unforgettable experience when we got together 11 artist/healers to sing spontaneously in the Cambra cave in Catalonia Spain. One of the results was this song that has come up completely improvised. In this version the sound has remained intact. No previous rehearsals and preparations had been done. Our objective was to directly sense the energy of the cave, and be guided by its spirit to spontaneously create something in common.


We have used sacred drumming as a central tool for this year´s closing ceremony. This year we have honoured the Goddess through lots of sound and she has responded by giving us a feeling of deep bliss and hope that the sacred vibration is reaching many creatures dissolving false beliefs and harmful patterns, reinforces self love and inspires the connexion with our surroundings in a completely different way. ~God/Goddess, Creator/Creatress of all that is, assist us during this transition and give us the courage and patience to take a quantum leap towards you/us.~

Special thanks to the dance group Ménades de Irta and the organisation team of the festival for depositing their trust on the ways of the Goddess and my work.  

Special thanks to the music group Kuan, for having offered us one of their songs for the first part of our performance.You can check their beautiful work here:


Feeling deeply honoured for having been invited to share at the closing ceremony of the national greek-roman festival in Spain. The event was held at the ancient theatre of Sagunto on the east coast of Spain. The idea was to share the greek rhythm syrtos that goes back into antiquity and bring it to today giving it a universal identity. For this reason, we fused lyra from Pontos, played by Spyros Kaniaris,and the framedrum,played by me as a symbol of the round point where the cosmos was born from. There was given an archaic along with a modern tone. The dancing group Menades de Irta fused traditional steps of the rhythm with tribal dance steps, drawing it out of its folkloric context and making it more accessible to everybody no matter what culture they come from. 

Thank you Ménades de Irta, thank you Spyros Kaniaris, great thanks to the organisation team and to the enthusiastic audience.



Giving birth to a new self in rarely easy; in part because almost no birth is easy and in part because even if it were our mind and desire to have control over our lives and others´lives delays the process and causes more pain than necessary to transmute. Here is where the drum vibration can play an important role, facilitating the birth-giving by calming our mind and giving us courage. This is what we did with my beloved Maenads and this is the vibration that we nurture and are nurtured by in order to fortify our connexion to the Cosmic Womb. 



So, so, so uplifted, blessed and blissed by the experience I´ve had in my birth-land, Crete. At last, I can whitness the homecoming of the sacred mediterranean drums within a group of beautiful Cretan women!! They have had the openess and devotion to recognise the framedrum as the portal used by our minoan ancestresses at other times, now reviving in their hands. 

They are taking good care of it, you see they know the treasure it is…and the drum takes a good care of them too, moving the strings of their lives in such a way that they are gracefully aligning with their Call. Thank you dear sisters for giving me the chance to give and the sacred vibration the chance to manifest through you and restore pieces of our collective Soul.


Some time ago I was invited by a beautiful group of people to activate a drum circle in Altidona-Italy. I was wandering what kind of energy would that place be characterised by. Are there any syncronicities that lead me to that place apart from the lovely connexion with my hosts? Investigating a bit about the long history of that place near Adriatic Sea, I realised that it´s actually subtly inundated by the energy of the Goddess Cupra. Dedications to her have been found at Plestia, Ripatransone, in Cupramontana and Cupra Marittima, which are named after her. Her name could derive from the Greek Kupria, a name for Aphrodite. It could also share the same etymology as the Roman god Cupid.

The sacred mediterranean drumming has been used since ancient times to honour Aphrodite among other Goddesses, so it seemed really natural to connect with the place and the purpose to be accomplished there. It has been revealing feeling the different layers of energy unfolding until experiencing the ferocious compassion of the Goddess. The message to all was…honour thyself; act from the heights of existence and not from the belittlement of your fears…


When I am discussing abour remembering and re-activating the relation to the Goddess, I´m not talking about any feminist movement and I´m not excluding by that men. The Goddess is depicted as a woman because that is closer to the cyclical rhythms of nature, whereas men are usually more stable and linear energetically speaking. However, that doesn´t mean that masculine energy is not necessary. It gives all that circular motion an axis around which to move and in this sense there is a complementation.

In many ancient seals and temple pictures, the Goddess or priestess is accompanied by a masculine presence. There´s a lot to investigate about how our ancestors experienced their relation to the Great Creatress especially as the prehistorical and bronze age are concerned but fortunatelly a new era is arising when intuition is becoming a must for flowering and soul completion and thus we have started feeling how it is to honour our femininity although there´s still a lot of work to be done.

Great thanks to the beautiful dancing group “Ménades de Irta” that have invited me to activate a circle of rememberance and experience our deep roots.


11/11/2016. Feel blessed and bliss for having activated a beautiful Women´s Circle in Spain.

Inside every woman resides a force full of good instincts, passionate creativity ancestral knowledge and fierce vision. These characteristics have been suppressed for hundreds of years  and women have found themselves deprived of their innate creative potencial experiencing a twisted existence and leading prefabricated lives that had nothing to do with their size…As a result, instead of concentrating on getting back their own life and unite with other women in order to recuperate what is truly theirs, they have been competing, manipulating, fearing rejection and begging for love.


The good news is that we are experiencing a turning point in the course of the feminine growth and expression. It is a moment when ancestral tools of awakening to our potential are magically accessible. It is in our hands to use those tools and re-activate the memory of the collective feminine soul, rescuing suppressed pieces of her and restoring our dignity and power as women.



5th of May 2016, Valencia-Spain. We collaborated, Spyros Kaniaris, Michel Koven and me to pay hommage to World Peace by joining 3 arts: ancestral and mediterranean oriental music by Spyros and me, poetry by modern greek poets related to peace, exile and the wish for a better world and photomyths, beautiful paintings inspired by greek muthology, by Michel Koven.

Sacred drums and chant have been used once again as a portal towards higher states of consciousness and a deeper comunication with the audience. In order for this to happen, devotion is necessary; that is relax and let the Universe take over…



In April 2016 we got together in Valencia in order to chant, drum kundalini yoga mantras and meditate in favour of inner and world peace. The money collected was donated to “Childsrights” a foundation that supports street children in India



Steph Smith is an american film maker and kundalini yoga teacher who has created a valuable film on childbirth called “Give light”, following the tracks of traditional midwives around the world and collecting interesting information about natural childbirth. In July 2015, she came to my homeland, the island of Crete where she filmed some instants of chanting and drumming at the area where Eileithyia, the ancient Greek Godess of childbirth had her cave. It is said that at those times women priestesses supported childbirth with sacred chanting and drumming. For more information about the film, please check the following link:




Chanting sacred songs is an integral part of Kundalini Yoga. It helps us establish a healthy relation to the mind, using its energy to support and develop our physical,psychic and spiritual potential. This concert was dedicated to the full moon, attracting it´s energy that freshens up relaxes, and opens us to the life flow. Under the sounds of clarinette, duduk, didgeridoo and bendir we payed our hommage to the moon.


“Every element of the Universe is in a constant state of vibration manifested to us as light, sound, and energy. The human senses perceive only a fraction of the infinite range of vibration, so it is difficult to comprehend that the Word mentioned in the Bible is actually the totality of vibration which underlies and sustains all creation. A person can tune his or her own consciousness into the awareness of that totality with the use of a mantra. By vibrating in rhythm with the breath to a particular sound that is proportional to the creative sound, or sound current, one can expand one’s sensitivity to the entire spectrum of vibration. It is similar to striking a note on a stringed instrument. In other words, as you vibrate, the Universe vibrates with you.”

~Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher Training Manual, p. 66.